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Athletic Events

I’m regularly hired to shoot sporting events of athletes of all ages and do so at a rate of $125 per hour. I always strive to bring that larger-than-life photo presence to my coverage of athletic events. Please see my photo galleries for examples of my work.

Portrait Sessions

Prior to all sessions we will meet to discuss clothing options, locations, lighting styles, and potential print choices. This meeting is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and to make sure your photo session goes as you’d like. I want each session to be collaborative and this is your chance to tailor it to your style and preferences.

Athletic Portraiture

The session fee is $175 and is due when your date is reserved. Photos will often be taken in multiple locations, with at least one set photographed in front of a solid white backdrop for later processing (you will find out more about this process when you schedule your session).

You should plan at least 2 hours for your athletic portrait session. Typically we can shoot 2 different sports or uniform changes during this time, but more than that will require an extra fee. Please contact the studio for more information (315-853-8048,, or click on Contact above).

Children and Family

The session fee is $175 for up to 2 hours and is due when your date is reserved. Photos will often be taken in multiple locations, so you should plan for transportation even if we are beginning the shoot at your home.

You are welcome to bring along many different outfits and we will photograph you and your family in as many of them as possible, depending on location, lighting, and time.

High School Seniors

The session fee is $175 for up to two hours and is due when your date is reserved. Photos can be taken on-location or in studio, depending on your preference and needs. The only limit placed upon the number of outfits we can photograph is the amount of time we have, so bring as many as you’d like and we’ll do our best, depending on location(s) and possible weather conditions.

*I am especially interested in incorporating Athletic Portraiture into senior portrait sessions. These photos will typically add another 45-60 minutes of shooting onto the usual 2-hour senior photo session and cost an additional $75 to cover the extra time, equipment, and processing.

Print Pricing

In addition to the usual prints, I offer canvases, standouts, metal prints (the image is dyed into an aluminum sheet and is perfect for sports photographs), slideshow dvd’s, photo albums, and digital licensing. For a full price list, please contact the studio by calling 315-853-8048 during normal business hours.

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